By The Bottle presents Leverich After Dark

By the Bottle and Firefly Disc Golf are teaming up once again to present Leverich After Dark. This year L.A.D. is a fundraiser for the YWCA of Clark County and they are working hard to gather prizes be a great benefactor. The cost is only $20 with a minimum $5 donation to the YWCA.

Leverich After Dark will actually start with a round of singles in the afternoon. The course will be set up in tournament configuration with hole 12 in the island of the parking lot. After the singles round there will be dinner, a pumpkin carving contest and more fun activities, followed by a glow round of three-headed monster. There will be prizes for the winners of each round and much more.

Every player will get a 2011 Leverich After Dark Glow Disc and dinner as a part of their player's pack. This event is sanctioned by the PDGA but ratings will not be calculated for either round in this mixed format event. Open to men/women of all ages. Because this is a fundraiser event there will NOT be a payout, simply great prizes for winners of various events during the night.

Registration will be at