Next Adventure's Amateur Championship Follow Up

Congratulations to all the winners ( and a big thanks to everyone that helped make this weekend a success. I would personally like to thank Bryan Knudsen and the crew from Next Adventure for everything from registration, to the killer player's pack, to providing security and Disc-Van-Go to help out at hole 1. My stomach would like to thank Ian and the crew that cooked lunch on Saturday and went over the top on Sunday with the best lunch and dinner ever served at a disc golf tournament! Thanks also to our volunteers, especially Jason Pinkal who pretty much single handedly took care of all the math involved with the scorecards.

I would also like to thank Portland Parks and Recreation on working with us in a cooperative manner on everything from the course improvements, to loaning us the Gator to move baskets, to coming out and agreeing to be interviewed for the video. I rarely see this kind of investment from public employees and it gives me optimism to consider the possibilities for Pier and other Portland area parks.

I'm also encouraged by the "professionalism" of the amateur players we have in the Northwest. You guys handled yourselves very well. Nothing is more frustrating then working your butt off to put together a tournament and then have something go wrong and have a player blow up instead working with us to find a solution. We didn't have many things go wrong, but in the few cases the players affected were understanding and responded in an appropriate way. I'd like to apologize to those that couldn't get a shirt size that fit them, or in some other way put up with something that could have been better. We would love to hear from you on ways we can improve so please drop us a line so we can get better at this.

Finally, I took a moment to read some of the comments about our tournament on the NW Disc Golf Forum. You guys are awesome! Even though I'm a little tired this morning, reading those comments made me want to go out and do it again. Maybe not next weekend but soon. Speaking of for information on the after dark tournament on October 30th. We'll be posting information soon.