New Course Approved for Canby, Oregon!

The City of Canby, Oregon has approved a 12 hole course for the north end of Eco Park. The course is designed with the intermediate player in mind, but will be playable by beginners, as well as being enjoyed by more advanced players. Nine of the twelve holes are fairly heavily wooded while the other three are in an open field. The terrain is predominantly flat, with a little bit of undulation to add some variety to the greens. The holes are mostly on the shorter side in the mid 200s with a couple holes under 200 and a couple over 300. 

Construction on the course began in October and has mostly consisted of the removal of invasive Himalayan blackberry bushes and other unwanted underbrush. As of writing this, the fairways are approximately 60% cleared. I estimate there is about a month worth of clearing left before we can drop anchors in the ground. The anchors and baskets have already been purchased and are being stored in a warehouse until the course is ready. We should be able to put the baskets into the ground sometime in January, weather permitting. 

After the baskets are in, we'll continue with the fine tuning of the fairway shaping as we will also play the course from the suggested tee pad locations. After a few weeks of playing from the suggested pads, we'll finalize the pad locations and begin work on the 12 pads. The pads will be stone-paver pads. 

By spring, all the pads will be in, the fairways will be finished, we'll get all the signage done and have an official "Grand Opening". 

I had a work party in the works, but was unable to make it happen due to some unforeseen circumstances. I would like to get another work party together for after the holidays when my schedule loosens up a bit. I'll keep everyone informed as things develop. Coincidentally, I can't put together an official work party for this weekend, but I am planning on heading out there to work on Saturday. I know Team Golf is going on, but if any non-TGers wanna come help out, that'd be rad. I'll be working on brush removal and clearing out some debris that are on the fairways. Let me know if you're interested and we can setup a schedule. 

Cheers Golfers!