2011 By The Bottle Wash Slosh

 The 2011 By The Bottle Wash Slosh is this Sunday at Lakeview Par 3 Golf Challenge. In order to make room for additional playersto get a chance to play the course while it is set up we are extending the lunch for the tournament players and allowing people that couldn't get into the event to come out and play a round. The cost for guests is only $5 and will help go to cover some of the costs to set up a temporary course. Guests can sign up and prepay online at discgolfscene.com. More after the break including the 2011 Player's Guide.

By The Bottle will be providing lunch for $3 and beer for $3 each. Guests and players alike are encouraged to support our sponsors by purchasing lunch from them rather than brown bagging it or leaving for lunch. Our sponsor provided 100% of the cost to rent the golf course this year so any help we can give them will be greatly appreciated.

The player's guide is attached for those that want to get a jump on envisioning the course and their perfect shots over the water. This year hole two has had to be modified slightly due to the lake being signifcantly higher than it was last year.

2011 By the Bottle Wash Slosh.pdf786.78 KB