We had a blast!

Just a final note on our website to let you all know we had a blast running tournaments, designing courses, and helping with other disc golf projects over the past 10+ years. With a bit of sorrow and a little bit of relief we officially hung up our TD hats at the end of 2019 and have moved on with other projects. For those of you that aren’t aware, Steve moved to Skamokawa (near Lucky Mud) and is doing IT support, web design and is an Internet Service Provider for the community. Ryan also works in IT and is active in climbing, mountaineering, woodworking and remodeling his house. You’ll occasionally find us at a tournament, or just headed out to throw plastic, but currently our other hobbies have taken top priority.

We couldn’t say goodbye without thanking our sponsors one more time! Thank you to Bad Monkey Bikes (RIP), Next Adventure, Latte Da, Kintechnology, 4DiscGolf, and many more who have helped us out over the years. Hopefully, our work at Pier Park, Eco Park, Blue Lake, Lower Columbia (RIP), McCormick, and soon Hockinson Meadows will live on. (Just to be clear, we aren’t taking credit for starting, or even making a huge difference at any of those parks, but we helped by volunteering, organizing, coordinating sponsors, etc. at each of those at one point or another over the years).

Thanks for all your support. We hope you enjoyed our tournaments and work.

Keep it in the fairway!

Steve & Ryan

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